maryEither the chance or the curiosity led your browser at this site, let me present its goals that are two-folded. If you are an Earth scientist or Earth engineer, you will have the opportunity to share with me your professional ideas, opinions and standpoints through your comments on my works! If you are an Academic having wider horizons of interests and worries in our fast changing world, you may share your thoughts or just be informed about the relevant standpoints or comments on actualities that bother a colleague of you which lives in South-East Europe!

Finally if you are only a student or a ‘fresh’ scientist that deals with the field of Earth disciplines, by ‘rolling’ around my works or ideas, maybe you will get something useful for just yourself and your work.

I dislike the characterization of ‘experts’ in a certain subject field, in the same way that I oppose to the free ‘brainstorming’ of several thinkers. My engineering basic education, my Greek nationality and my long interest in events of our World, drove me to the obvious conclusion that ‘sharing’ information and ‘exchanging’ opinions and ideas helps out the individuals in many aspects. I love a real communication among people!

Mary Doufexopoulou

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